catwoman logo

Download the Catwoman brand vector logo designed by DC Comics in Adobe® Illustrator® format. The current status of the logo is Active, which means the logo is currently in use.

Catwoman is a popular DC Comics character created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger. She made her first appearance in Batman #1 in 1940 as a cat burglar and adversary to Batman. Over the years, Catwoman has become one of the most iconic female characters in the comic book world.

Catwoman is known for her unique blend of sex appeal and danger. She has a complex personality that has evolved over time, and she’s often portrayed as an antiheroine with a troubled past. She’s also known for her cat-like agility and her love of cats.

Over the years, Catwoman has been adapted for various media, including TV shows, movies, video games, and toys. She has been portrayed by several actresses, including Julie Newmar, Eartha Kitt, Michelle Pfeiffer, Halle Berry, Anne Hathaway, and Camren Bicondova.

As a brand, Catwoman represents a strong and independent female character who is not afraid to take risks and stand up for herself. She appeals to audiences of all ages and genders, and her popularity continues to grow. From comic books to movies, Catwoman is a cultural icon who will continue to inspire and entertain audiences for generations to come.






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